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Case Study: City of Sydney

“I know that I will look back on this in years to come with some pride, knowing that we’re building something, we’re putting something in place that is going to leave a benefit for generations to come, and that is enormously satisfying.”

Garry Harding, Directory of Operations, City of Sydney


With public lighting accounting for nearly one third of the electricity use in Sydney, the City of Sydney Council was looking for a way to reduce greenhouse emissions and energy consumption as well as frequency of maintenance for their street lighting.

Lighting Solution

Over the next three years, the city will be replacing nearly 6,450 street and park lights throughout Sydney with GE LED R250, LED Duna, LED Twin Contemporary , LED Modular Area Light fixtures, LED wall pack and other specialized LED Area light luminaires , resulting in a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Operating Impact

  • Savings of up AUD$800,000 annually
  • Reduction of 2.831 million kWh per year
  • Maintenance savings of AUD$932,000 annually

Environmental Impact

  • 3,000  metric tons CO2 emissions eliminated per year  
  • = Equivalent to planting 238 new trees
  • = Equivalent to removing 610 cars off the road

Download: City of Sydney LED Testimonial

Posted on 10 February 2014

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