Focus Areas

The challenges confronting the lighting industry are digitalization, new applications of intelligent lighting systems and the increasing demand for buildings supporting human health, well-being and productivity.

Strategic Roadmap of the Global Lighting Industry

An important role of the Global Lighting Association is to share knowledge on global trends, and for this reason we have prepared The Strategic Roadmap of the Global Lighting Industry.

Lighting + well-being

The value of lighting is moving from energy efficiency to the wider spectrum of quality of life and improved well-being.

Lighting + healthy buildings

The digitalization of lighting has enabled intelligent lighting systems, integration with the Internet of Things and the development of Human Centric Lighting.

Fewer rules + enforced

The global lighting industry needs fewer, and better enforced, rules and regulations. The industry needs fewer rules on such matters as product performance, lifetime and light quality. Regulations must leave room for innovation and differentiation.