Global Lighting Association

The world of illumination is undergoing rapid transformation - from technology and innovation to energy efficiency and circular economy. To effectively address industry changes and establish a proactive global presence, members concluded a new organisation was needed to represent the global industry. Originally founded in 2007 as the Global Lighting Forum (GLF), the Global Lighting Association (GLA) represents the leading national and regional lighting associations.

What we do

The Global Lighting Association promotes the use of sustainable, energy efficient lighting solutions while maintaining and improving the quality of lighting. The GLA unites on a global level the leading national and regional industry associations for lighting technology. GLA functions as a forum for exchange and formulation of technical and policy information and is a recognized authority on issues of concern to the global lighting industry. The Global Lighting Association, within the limits of national and EU competition law:
Shares knowledge

on global trends as well as legislative and regulatory developments and opportunities in lighting

Shares information

on the activities of individual associations

Anticipates and initiates policies and actions

on areas of common interest

Provides governments with relevant product and market information

Our Mission

The Global Lighting Association (GLA) is the voice of the lighting industry on a global basis. The primary mission of the GLA is to share information, within the limits of international competition law, on political, scientific, business, social and environmental issues of relevance to the lighting industry and to develop, implement and publish the position of the global lighting industry to relevant stakeholders in the international sphere. The GLA also undertakes initiatives that cannot be realized at a national or regional level only.

An important role of the Global Lighting Association is to share knowledge on global trends, and for this reason we have prepared The Strategic Roadmap of the Global Lighting Industry.