The Global Lighting Association develops and supports working committees that proactively address industry issues through research, collaboration and publications. Comprised of industry experts, these committees provide information and expertise to members, governments, associations and other stakeholders.

UV-C Task Force (Advocacy)

The UV-C Task Force (Advocacy) promotes UV-C disinfection technology as a means of combatting the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens.

UV-C Task Force (Technical)

The UV-C Task Force (Technical) provides technical evidence in support of the disinfection properties of UV-C. Its work will see publication by GLA in early 2022 of Quantification of airborne pathogen Inactivation through UVGI technologies.

Healthy Regulatory Framework Working Group

The Healthy Regulatory Framework Working Group compiles regulatory guidelines intended for use by authorities in developing and emerging economies wishing to accelerate the transition to energy efficient lighting. Its first publication has been regulatory guidelines for general service and linear LED lamps.

Substances Working Group

The Substances Working Group has produced GLA’s Position Statement on the Phasing-out of Fluorescent Lamps. The Position Statement outlines the global lighting industry’s position in relation to developments associated with the Minamata Convention on Mercury.